Last dark day in the sunset
Living under the shadow of death
Knives and daggers drawn, at the ready
A moment’s notice to exhale

His troops lined up; the general in position
For one last brave attempt
He silently hopes; nay prays
For a miracle
But he knows the end is near.

No sight of food or water for days
And memories of loved ones
Slowly fading away
Like that ounce of strength
That was here just a minute ago.

You could hear a pin drop
As not a soul breathes…
The warriors wait with bated breath
Await their turn to make a tryst with destiny
Or simply bite the dust.

Alas! The light changes; cornered!
Trapped like vermin in a carefully placed net
Outwitted by the crafty foe

Shoulders drop
Helmets feel heavy
Shields unnecessary for what’s in store
Their fate known in advance.

No place to run or hide; just die
Pierced like an ugly pin cushion.


© 2013 Mihir Kamat

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