Perfect place

I think I know what it means
To lose my world within your eyes
No place to go and tuck away
A deep blue like the velvet skies

A moment ago; they were closed shut
Dreaming away in peaceful bliss
And playfully pouting your silken lips
Blowing forth an invisible kiss

You gently roll into my arms
A childish cuddle is exposed
I smell your lovely, fragrant skin
The scent playing with my humble nose

I watched you sleep; now I watch you wake
It’s the best part of my day
Your tender love; your gentle touch
Mean more to me than those three words can say

You hold my hand, and pat my face
Lay a soft kiss upon my cheek
So much is said without a word
No need for either one to speak

And as we lay here in each others arms
In a gentle, sweet and close embrace
I know for certain that we are in
This perfect world; my perfect place.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

Image courtesy Google.

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