The eyes keep on getting smaller
Going down without a fight
The body lies in wakeless slumber
Deeply in the dwindling light

Forces unknown drive me yonder
Knowing not where I’d arrive
A moment’s notice left to ponder
Bits of magic come alive

Taken to lands far and distant
Time is lost with every stride
Armed with the care of a new-born infant
Filled with happiness inside

I walk on; pillowy clouds they show
A splendid sun, it gleams of gold
So gently iced with wintry snow
Mountains stand, their wisdom old

And hark, I hear her call to me!
That wily temptress; Goddess of sin
My eyes take in her sparkling radiance
Emanating from within

She beckons me with all her might
I give in to this sweet surrender
Mesmerizing, lovely, bright
A flying kiss she blows so tender

Alas! Her spell is broken; I’m free
As my eye meets the first sunlight
The heart still wanting, thirsty, needy
Trying hard to put up a fight

But it’s time to go; time to wake up
Time to start a brand new day
Time to run, to hurry up
Time to walk the weary way

I know I won’t have to wait so much
For soon it will be that time again
To embark on a journey with a magic touch
A voyage, maybe, in the rain?

Dreams are an avenue to fulfill the life
We try to live, but aren’t living
Why worry when you could spend the night
So peaceful; blissfully dreaming?

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

Image courtesy desktopnexus.com.

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